Todays Changing Market

In todays world, people have become more and more inclined to buy products online. Just this past week, we saw record sales on cyber Monday and a decrease of sales on black Friday. Why is this you may ask? Well in 2015 (it's almost 2016 can you believe it?) more and more people find comfort purchasing online. With information security something people worry less about and just about everyone with a smart phone in their pockets, people look to the web to find products and information. It's just plain easier than packing the family into the mini van and heading down to the crowed mall, trying to find a place to park then dragging everyone in and out of the mall without losing anyone. It's a mess out there. It's easier to say, 'hey honey, what do you think of this?' while pointing to the computer screen. Delivery is faster and easier than ever, customer reviews give buyers more confidence and it takes the pain out of going to a brick and mortar store. The pushy salesman, the crowds, no reviews or a way to price compare without driving all over town.. etc. etc.. Here at Total Rooms we joined the ranks of making it an easy experience to buy online. If you want to see the furniture before you buy it, we can accommodate, however most customers reaction when they receive their new sofa is "Wow, it's better than I expected." We live in a world where people want what they want, when they want it and want to pay what they want for it. Done. This can be done through many different companies and products online. We're happy to be one of them.